As Canada’s voice of the Research, Insights and Analytics profession, CRIC ensures that the industry and its members are properly represented in government initiatives.

We advocate with regulators to ensure that government regulations and initiatives create a positive environment for research, insights and analytics by protecting the privacy and consumer rights of Canadians, while ensuring our industry is not affected by laws or regulations intended for other purposes. We also participate in key government initiatives that support innovation and growth in our sector.

We support the Government of Canada’s Digital Charter and share the view that trust is the foundation on which our digital and data-driven economy must be built. The Canadian government is very supportive of our industry and continues to rely on our sector to deliver the insights it needs to develop the programs and policies that are most important to Canadians.

We support the government’s efforts to increase access to data while ensuring the use of the data is transparent and supported by Canadians. We also support government initiatives to protect Canadians from aggressive marketing, deceptive or fraudulent claims, invasions of privacy and nuisances from unwanted calls, emails and other contacts.

We continuously monitor new legislation in these areas to ensure they address the problems and do not inadvertently have a negative impact on our sector.

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