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Companies earning less than $1 million in annual revenue from marketing research, analytics and related services in Canada are eligible to apply to join CRIC as an Associate Agency. This would include marketing research, analytics, field services, access panel providers, ad agencies, and consulting firms. Fees are based on your firm’s total revenue from research, analytics and related services in Canada for your last fiscal year.  All employees receive access to the benefits offered by CRIC.  Associate Agencies are required to follow the same high standards as Accredited Agencies but are not required to undergo a third-party audit and are therefore not allowed to use the CRIC Accreditation Seal.  All firms are encouraged to apply as CRIC Accredited Agencies.

Annual fees are prorated to December 31, 2022.


FEE: $1,500




FEE $1,000




FEE: $500



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