Standards and ethics

Following best practices and adhering to the highest standards and ethics is critical to the reputation of the profession and is a requirement to be a member of CRIC. CRIC has adopted the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics. The standards are regularly updated to ensure they represent global best practices. Agency members are required to endorse the ICC/ESOMAR code and all members are required to support and follow these standards.

CRIC has issued Public Opinion Research Standards and Disclosure Requirements to promote transparency and the highest standards of practice for companies that research results into the public domain

CRIC has also issued a guideline for conducting research with children and other vulnerable people in Canada that builds upon Artice 2 of the CRIC Code.

CRIC also supports the ISO 20252:2019 and requires all agency members to self-assess against these standards and confirm compliance with the this standard.

CRIC is supporting ESOMAR in the development of international guidelines and CRIC will also develop additional standards and guidelines as required to address Canadian specific requirements.


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