Value through Strategic Partnerships


CRIC has developed a strategic partnership with ESOMAR to engage Canadian researchers with the global insights’ community. As part of this partnership, CRIC has adopted the ICC/ESOMAR Code on Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics and will have a seat on ESOMAR’s Professional Standards Committee.

This relationship also provides a pathway for Canadian insights and analytics professionals to join ESOMAR and access the knowledge and thought leadership inherent in ESOMAR’s global networked community. CRIC has negotiated a special offer for Canadian marketing researcher professionals to join ESOMAR for $450 CAD. To take advantage of this offer, use the promo code: MEM2023_CRIC_CANADA when registering as an individual member.

CRIC member companies can save even more when they register 3 or more staff. The rate is $350 CAD per member for CRIC member companies who register 3-10 members with ESOMAR and $300 CAD per member for those who register 11 or more. To take advantage of the special offer, email Angela Canin ([email protected] ) and Grace Woo ([email protected]) indicating that you are interested in a membership and specify the number of individuals you would like to register.


CRIC endorses and supports the Certified Analytics and Insights Professionals of Canada (CAIP Canada) to offer the Certified Analytics and Insights Professional (CAIP) designation. The CAIP is the premier Canadian certification for professionals in market research, insights and analytics and is endorsed globally by ESOMAR. Professionals who held the designation of the former Canadian marketing research association are encouraged to apply to receive the CAIP now. Individuals interested in receiving more information about becoming a CAIP are encouraged to Subscribe to receive updates from CAIP Canada.


The Canadian Research Insights Council is a partner and board member of the Market Research Institute International (MRII), the preeminent provider of market research eduction globally. The MRII was formed in 1996 by a consortium of international market research associations. Through a unique cooperation with the University of Georgia, it has provided courses to almost 10,000 research practitioners around the world, including many Canadians. The MRII courses offer practitioners a flexible, high quality, and cost effective option that is endorsed by CRIC. The MRII courses also meet the education requirements for those pursuing the Certified Analytics and Insights Professional (CAIP) designation. As part of the partnership with the MRII, employees of CRIC member companies are eligible for savings when registering for the Principles of Market Research course, the Analytics 1-2-3 bundle and the Principles Express courses.

The Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) has partnered with Women in Research (WIRe) to work toward the shared goal of advancing the contributions and voice of women in research. As part of this agreement, CRIC is supporting WIRe’s 50/50 initiative to promote diversity including a 50/50 gender split at our events. CRIC will be leveraging WIRE’s 50/50 database and following the WIRe guidelines to eliminate bias from the speaker selection process. CRIC will also be promoting WIRe events through its communications and on the CRIC events page.

CRIC also supports the WIRe Global Scholarship fund that advances the contribution of women in research in economically challenged or conflict markets. The WIRe Global Scholarship fund in partnership with the ESOMAR Foundation has awarded scholarships to women in Kenya, Cambodia, Guatemala and Sri Lanka. You are encouraged to donate to the WIRe Global Scholarship Fund to help fund additional scholarships.

Visit the WIRe website to learn more about all of WIRe’s initiatives to advance the contributions and voice of women in research.

The Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) has partnered with QRCA to work toward the shared goal of advancing the impact of qualitative research and all who participate in it. As part of this agreement, CRIC will promote the QRCA Annual Conference and events offered by QRCA’s Canadian chapters to its membership and QRCA will promote relevant CRIC events through its Calendar of Events and e-newsletter. In addition, Jeff Hecker, a member of CRIC’s Qualitative Research Thought Leadership, will serve on QRCA’s Industry Relations Committee to help identify additional opportunities for CRIC and QRCA to work together to support Canada’s qualitative research community.

Visit the QRCA website to learn more about QRCA.

Other Strategic Partnerships

CRIC will continue to pursue complementary partnerships both domestically and internationally to increase the value it offers members. If you have an opportunity to discuss with CRIC, please contact [email protected]


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