Women in Research (WIRe)

The Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) has partnered with Women in Research (WIRe) to work toward the shared goal of advancing the contributions and voice of women in research.

As part of this agreement, CRIC is supporting WIRe’s 50/50 initiative to promote diversity including a 50/50 gender split at our events. CRIC will be leveraging WIRE’s 50/50 database and following the WIRe guidelines to eliminate bias from the speaker selection process. CRIC will also be promoting WIRe events through its communications and on the CRIC events page.

CRIC also supports the WIRe Global Scholarship fund that advances the contribution of women in research in economically challenged or conflict markets. The WIRe Global Scholarship fund in partnership with the ESOMAR Foundation has awarded scholarships to women in Kenya, Cambodia, Guatemala and Sri Lanka. You are encouraged to donate to the WIRe Global Scholarship Fund to help fund additional scholarships.

Visit the WIRe website to learn more about all of WIRe initiatives to advance the contributions and voice of women in research.

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