Call for entries – CRIC Insights Excellence Awards 2024

Deadline April 28, 2024

Celebrate excellence in marketing research with the CRIC Insights Excellence Awards, open to both agency, corporate, and government analytics and insights professionals! Winners will be announced and celebrated at the Gala Dinner on the evening of June 5 as part of CRIC’s H*Factor Conference.

Receive the recognition that you and your company’s great work deserve. Submissions are being accepted in the following categories:

Award Categories and Descriptions

  • Public or Social Service Impact Award: Awarded in recognition of excellence in an insights or analytics project that results in a demonstrable public service impact and/or benefit.
  • Business Impact Award: Awarded in recognition of excellence in an insights or analytics project that results in a demonstrable business impact and/or benefit.
  • Award for Innovation and Advancement in Marketing Insights and Analytics: Awarded in recognition of an insights or analytics initiative that showcases new techniques and/or tools, or that uses tools and techniques in a novel way, and that exhibits advancement or new direction for marketing insights and analytics work in the future.
  • Award for Excellence Behind the Scenes: Awarded in recognition of an insights or analytics practitioner or team whose efforts in areas such as technological advancements, data collection, recruiting, data processing and analysis or related area, while enabling the completion of market insights or analytics projects, are ‘behind the scenes’ and do not have direct client-side contact.

Panel of Judges

The judging panel consists of one chair and five panel members, all of whom are experienced researchers, and are either from CRIC member companies and/or are CAIPs.

  • Chair: One representative from the CRIC or CAIP Board
  • 2 client-side representatives
  • 2 agency representatives
  • 1 academic or government representative

How Will Your Submission Stand Out From the Rest?

Your submission should demonstrate:

  • How the project design, analysis, and application met and exceeded expectations of success
  • How the project contributed in a significant way to the client’s and their company’s decision-making
  • How the project is innovative, forward thinking, and may have an important impact on the marketing research industry
  • Specific details and reasons as to how this project stands above other projects, and why it in particular would be deserving of the award

Submission Requirements

Each submission will provide the following information:

  • Brief summary of the project’s objectives and methodology, including research design, data collection, analysis, and conclusions
  • • Scale or scope of project

  • Topic(s) investigated
  • Relationship between, and roles of the client-side research team and the agency research team
  • Evidence of the success of the project, where available
  • Financial impact and budgets are not required

Judging Criteria

Project Background (20 points)

  • Clear and concise outline of the problem and background
  • Clear statement of the project’s objectives
  • Criteria established for the measure of success
  • Challenges that had to be overcome
  • Additional items for consideration

Research Design (50 points)

  • Description of the research design and reasons for that choice given others available
  • Challenges that had to be overcome
  • Explanation of how the design and/or techniques are innovative and may impact the broader research industry
  • Additional items for consideration

Project Outcome and Results (30 points)

  • Clear and concise description of the results and key conclusions
  • Evidence of the success of the project
  • How the results made a meaningful contribution to the client’s/company’s decision-making process
  • How the end-client and agency teams worked together. In the case of the ‘Behind the Scenes’ award, evidence of how various internal teams worked together.
  • Additional items for consideration

Other Criteria

  • The submission will account for work completed, in whole or in part, in Canada within the eligibility period of January 1, 2023 through March 31, 2024.
  • A maximum of 2 corporate researchers and 2 agency researchers may be included in each award.
  • At least one CRIC/CAIP member in good standing (e.g., dues up-to-date) must be nominated as part of each award.

How to Nominate

  • Nominations are due on or before April 28, 2024. Only nominations submitted up to and including that date will be considered.
  • Upload each completed submission form on our secure website. Should edits be required to the initial submission, nominators should re-upload a new submission that will supersede the original.
  • Each individual entry may only be submitted for one award.
  • Submissions are text only and may be no longer than 1000 words.
  • Incomplete submissions will not be judged.


Each submission will be held in the strictest of confidence. Only details approved by you will be made public at the CRIC Gala Dinner to be held on June 5 at CRIC’s 2024 H* Factor Conference. The names of the winners will not released in advance of the formal announcement, and will be published after the event.