CRIC Students / Academic Partners / Young Professionals / Youth Engagement Committee

Terms of Reference for Academic, Young Professionals and Students Engagement Committee_Approved

This Committee is intended to grow and retain partnerships with stakeholders (including academic institutions, young professionals, students) who are investing in growing youth representation and retention in the research industry in Canada through CRIC membership and initiatives. The Committee will foster pathways to industry, professional development, jobs, career advancement, networking and strengthen relations with organizations like CAIP to grow the industry designation’s awareness of and adoption in young professionals and others.

Committee: Sam Pisani, Managing Partner (Chair), The Logit Group; Nat Stone, Program Coordinator, Algonquin College; Elisa Gagnon Ph.D., Associate Professor, William’s School of Business, Bishop’s University; Scott Edward Bennett, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Political Science, Carleton University; Webb Dussome, Executive Professor, University of Alberta;  Gabrielle Blais, Research Director, Leger; Christine Welcher, Account Director / Boyan Antonov, Research Account Manager, QuestionPro; Annie Pettit, E2E Research. 

 Arundati Dandapani, CIO of CRIC, COO of CAIP and Committee Facilitator / Lead

John Tabone, CAO of CRIC  

[*Meeting/s may be recorded for internal reference.]

Committee Outcomes, Stories and Resources:  

Virtual Co-op and Careers Fair January 2022

Article about the Fair

CRIC-Algonquin-WAPOR Presentation – Reality Versus Hope: What Skills are Needed in Global Public Opinion Research Today – Panel Chaired by CRIC (Arundati Dandapani) also featuring Tasnim Islam and Nat Stone, FCRIC, CAIP- November 2021

Careers in Marketing Research Webinar August 24, 2021

Industry Survey on Skills for Early Career Researchers July 2021

Marketing Research Training: What to Add? by Miguel Huapaya Toledo and Tasnim Islam
Essential Attributes for Success in Marketing Research: The “Soft” Skills by Miguel Huapaya Toledo and Tasnim Islam
Required “Hard” Skills for Marketing Research Professionals by Miguel Huapaya Toledo and Tasnim Islam 



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