Canada’s Do-Not-Call List

The Government of Canada created a national do-not-call list (known as DNCL) in 2008. When it was first introduced, the registry was intended to apply to all unsolicited calls, including market and survey research calls.

At the time, the market research, analytics and insights industry lobbied to have the Government recognize the social benefits of research and to have research calls exempted from the registry. Industry was successful in obtaining an exemption in the Telecommunications Act (the DNCL’s enabling legislation) stating that the DNCL does not apply to “calls for the sole purposes of market research, surveys or public opinion polls.” (section 41.7(1))

The Act also provides exemptions for:

  • Canadian registered charities
  • Political parties, riding associations and candidates
  • Persons or entities collecting information for a survey
  • Newspapers of general circulation for the purpose of soliciting subscriptions.

The exempted parties above must maintain their own internal do-not-call lists. This requirement, however, does not apply to market and survey research calls:

Individuals and organizations placing calls for the sole purpose of market research, surveys, or public opinion polls are not considered to be telemarketing and are not required to keep internal do not call lists in respect of those types of calls.” (

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