Join members of CRIC’s Qualitative Research Thought Leadership Council on May 27 from 1:30pm to 2:30pm (Eastern Daylight Time) for an interactive, virtual panel that will explore how Canadian qualitative researchers are adapting to the impact of COVID-19. Members of the Council will answer the following questions as well as additional questions from participants to help Canadian researchers adapt to the current environment and be ready for the new normal.

  • How receptive are Canadians to participating in online qualitative research?
  • What online approaches are working well? (real-time vs asynchronous, groups vs one-on-ones, mobile ethnography, virtual neuroscience)
  • How do you deal with challenges online (keeping respondents engaged, dealing with people who are less comfortable with technology, privacy of respondents, confidentiality of client material)
  • What tips do you have to help qualitative researchers excel in virtual qualitative research?
  • What projects have worked well online? What projects need to be deferred until face-to-face is possible?
  • What does the future of face-to-face research look like? How will it change? How will facilities adapt to be ready for new normal?
CRIC’s Qualitative Research Thought Leadership Council
  • David Brady, CAIP – Abbott
  • Margaret Brigley, CAIP – Narrative Research
  • Jeff Hecker, MBA, CAIP – Athena Brand Wisdom
  • Mark Juhasz – ALUS Canada
  • Diana Lucaci – True Impact
  • Paul Sarkissian – Confederation College
  • Jay Thordarson – CRC Research

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John Tabone
Author: John Tabone