Nick Hobson

Chief Scientist & Director of Labs, Apex

Dr. Nick Hobson, Ph.D., is the Chief Scientist and Director of Labs at Apex
Scoring System and a world-leading Behavioral Science Strategist for
Fortune 500 organizations and brands. He has trusted partnerships with
senior leaders at McKinsey, Accenture, Deloitte, Disney, Lego, Cisco, IKEA,
Deutsche Telekom, Microsoft, Major League Soccer, and more, in addition
to establishing research collaborations with faculty from Harvard Business
School, Columbia Business School, UC-Haas Berkeley, among others.
Nick is a broker of science and business strategy. He helps create
knowledge communities where business leaders and academics can come
together to think about how best to deliver on evidence-based behavior
change. A trained social psychologist and neuroscientist, Nick’s academic
research examine how people’s emotions drive their behavior and