The Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) is pleased to announce the release of the CRIC Privacy Toolkit and the CRIC Information Security Toolkit exclusively for CRIC members. These toolkits provide guidance and templates that will help ensure CRIC members are following the best privacy and information security practices.

The CRIC Privacy Toolkit was developed in collaboration with INQ Law and includes guidance to help CRIC members develop strong privacy management programs that comply with Canadian privacy laws and enhance the reputation of our industry as a leader in privacy. The toolkit explores the international context and reform to Canadian privacy laws that are on the horizon. It also outlines the foundations of a strong privacy management program and offers guidance on privacy related topics related to the research, analytics and insights industry. The toolkit includes practical checklists and templates that can be used as reference materials while building a strong privacy management program.

The CRIC Information Security Toolkit was developed by cybersecurity expert Claudiu Popa and includes guidance to help ensure CRIC member companies are following best information security practices. It also presents a standardized framework of information security policies and procedures following the latest best practices.

“These toolkits provided practical advice to support our privacy and information security policies”, stated Nik Nanos, Chair of CRIC Research Standards Committee and Chief Data Scientist and Founder of Nanos Research. “They were an invaluable resource in assisting us with key components of the CRIC Accreditation Process.”

These toolkits are being made available as CRIC rolls out its Accreditation Review process. While these Toolkits are a valuable resource for all CRIC member companies, those undergoing the CRIC Accreditation Review will find them especially helpful in reviewing their privacy and information security policies and practices.

“The research, analytics and insights industry has always been committed to being a leader in the areas of privacy and data security”, stated Gary Bennewies, Chair of CRIC and President and CEO, Ipsos Canada. “These toolkits provide an important resource to assist members in keeping up with the latest best practices.”

These toolkits are available now in the members only section of the CRIC website. They will be updated regularly to ensure they continue to provide the support CRIC members need.

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