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The Committee is intended to grow and share best practices in audience measurement across media and platforms with a view to scoping and improving coverage of the Canadian marketplace and establishing a strong centre for advocacy around media measurement research when comparing against global practices. The Committee will help grow awareness of and achieve a stronger understanding of the arguably oldest type of research that also brings in the highest revenues today by client sector, in part, due to its extensive applications in tech and big-data enabled research and analytics.

Committee: Natasha Arzumanian, Director, Audience Insights & Methodology, Numeris; Dr. Derrick Gray, Chief of Measurement Science and Business Analytics at BARC India (India); Josh Cormie, Executive Vice President, Audience Measurement Service Line Lead, Ipsos (Canada); Judy Davey, Vice President, Media Policy and Marketing Capabilities, Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA Canada); Alexander Johnston, Audience Insight Specialist, Royal Ontario Museum (Canada); Kelly Fedoruk, Senior Manager Client Services, Standard Media Index (Canada); Winston Li, Founder and CEO, Arima (Canada); Francois Tremblay, Sales Director, Numerator (Canada); Claudio Gennaro, Senior Programmes Advocacy Coordinator, ESOMAR (Netherlands); Facilitator & Lead – Arundati Dandapani, CIO of CRIC and COO of CAIP (Canada).  

[*Meeting/s may be recorded for internal reference.]

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