The rise of big data, automation, blockchain, CX, UX, behavioural science and artificial intelligence are among the key trends shaping the future of the research, insights and analytics industry. Advances in technology are disrupting traditional methodologies and creating new ones that are driving the continued growth of our sector. CRIC is inviting leaders from our profession to join one of two thought leadership councils to guide the future growth of the research, insights and analytics industry in Canada.

AI and Data Analytics Thought Leadership Council

The recent ESOMAR Global Market Research 2019 report found that the data and analytics sector continued to experience strong growth, outpacing the traditionally defined industry last year. Rapid advancements in AI technology are likely to drive even further growth as machine learning creates new possibilities for identifying insights from big data. At the same time, regulators are being challenged with the tasks of ensuring businesses can leverage the value of data while increasing the level of protection afforded to individuals and ensuring the responsible use of AI. CRIC’s AI and Data Analytics Thought Leadership Council will be charged with identifying the opportunities for growth that support responsible use of personal data and AI.

Qualitative Research Thought Leadership Council

With the increased reliance on big data for insights, the need to get to the “why” has never been greater. Qualitative research in all its evolving forms will be critical to going from data to actionable insights that support business decisions. CRIC’s Qualitative Research Thought Leadership Council will explore the latest applications of qualitative research including supporting design thinking, enhancing the user experience, and going past the rational to identify ways to change behaviour. The Council will also explore the latest technologies including AI Chatbots and the latest online and mobile tools.

Why participate?

Members of the thought leadership councils will have the opportunity to discuss emerging trends with other leaders in the space and help to shape the future of the research, insights and analytics profession in Canada. Being part of a CRIC Thought Leadership Council is also an opportunity to increase your profile as a leader in your area of expertise.

Who can participate?

CRIC is seeking senior professionals from client organizations, agencies, technology providers and academic institutions who have demonstrated leadership in their area. The goal is to have a mix of participants from all sectors. Preference will be given to leaders currently working for CRIC member organizations. If your organization is not yet a member, consider joining CRIC today.

What commitment is involved?

Members of the CRIC Thought Leadership Councils are expected to participate in a monthly virtual meeting that will commence in the new year. They will actively participate in discussions and support the initiatives of their respective council. These could include developing actionable thought leadership articles and supporting relevant events.

For more information or to express interest in joining a CRIC Thought Leadership council, contact CRIC’s Chief Administrative Officer, John Tabone at [email protected].

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CRIC’s mandate is to develop and approve best practices and standards for market research, analytics and insights; provide effective promotion and advocacy of the industry; serve as a source of information and thought leadership; and be a forum for collective industry action.For more information, visit or contact John Tabone at [email protected].

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