Industry Speak with mTab

What services does your firm offer and how does this connect with marketing research?

mTab is the gold standard for analyzing market research data across a spectrum of industries, from automotive and insurance to technology and utilities. Our global platform integrates internal and external data sources with seamless visualization options and connectors to the business intelligence tools brands are already using to help them understand buying behaviours, loyalty, awareness,
intentions and attitudes of both their customers and prospects.

What is the greatest challenge to the insights industry over the next five years?

The greatest challenge facing the insights industry over the next five years is having the ability to effectively access and integrate internal and external data sources in order to efficiently analyze, interpret and distribute insights from the ever- growing volume and velocity of data.

How is your firm adapting to the pace of change?

For about 35 years mTab has been at the forefront of market research innovation. Today, we continue to embrace this mission by developing tools and innovating technologies that deliver enhanced data accessibility along with self-service capabilities to help brands motivate their customers, drive their strategies and enhance their offerings like never before.

How is your firm adapting to the pace of change?

We are genuinely a global operation that brings together the world’s best talent no matter it’s location. Adopting this approach allows our to design, develop and deliver solutions in real-time as the market demands them.

Share something interesting, unique or surprising about your firm and/or its staff?

Our management team is representative of our genuine global approach with members located in the United Kingdom, Poland and Anaheim, Detroit and Philadelphia in the United States. This gives a unique set of diverse perspectives to learn from.

What are you most excited about with joining CRIC?

We’re very excited to gain a stronger understanding of the Canadian market and learn from the expertise CRIC provides.

About Crispin Beale:

Crispin Beale is a marketing, data and customer experience expert and has spent over a decade on the Executive Management Board of Chime Communications as CEO of leading brands such as Opinion Leader, Brand Democracy, Facts International and Watermelon. Crispin has been a Board Director (and Chairman) of the MRS for c15 years and UK ESOMAR Representative for c8 years. Crispin is currently Senior Strategic Advisor at mTab and works as a consultant with the Institute of Customer Service as well as helping leading global brands (both enterprises and agencies).