Role of Research in Combating Misinformation

Presented by: Frank Graves, CAIP, FCRIC, President, Ekos Research

Date and Time: Recorded Wednesday, May 3, 2023, 12 PM ET, Free – Available on Demand

A report from the Council of Canadian Academies found that disinformation and misinformation can erode trust in our institutions and distort public priorities, delaying action on critical issues such as climate change. Considerable and mounting evidence shows that misinformation has led to illness and death from unsafe interventions and products, vaccine preventable diseases, and a lack of adherence to public health measures, with the most vulnerable populations bearing the greatest burden. In fact, conversative estimates found that misinformation cost Canada’s health care system at least $300 million and resulted in at least 2800 deaths. As science and health misinformation becomes increasingly fused with ideology and identity, it contributes to deepening divisions in our society and is taking a real financial and human toll across Canada’s communities and systems.

Public Opinion Research has and will continue to play a critical role in measuring the extent of disinformation. In this webinar, Frank Graves, President of EKOS, will share details of the EKOS disinformation index and how it corresponds to vaccine acceptance and attitudes on other topics. The session will examine trends with respect to disinformation and examine some of the solutions that are aimed at addressing the problem.

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The Role of Research in Combating Misinformation

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