The Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) is working with ESOMAR to gather Canadian data for ESOMAR’s Global Market Research (GMR) 2019 Survey. Both CRIC member agencies and other Canadian research companies are encouraged to participate by June 28th to ensure Canada is accurately represented in this authoritative review of the global insights and analytics sector.  All firms who participate in the study will receive the valuable Country Market Research report from ESOMAR with all the findings specifically for Canada. 

The survey is based on your 2018 financial information and Canada is using a shortened version of the ESOMAR GMR survey this year to make it easy for you to participate by the June 28th deadline. To participate in this year’s survey, you will require:

 ●  Total revenue for 2018 and 2017

 ●  Percentage of revenue that was related to subcontracted fieldwork

 ●  Forecast change in revenue (%) for 2019

 ●  Breakdown of 2018 revenue (%) by four major categories: quantitative, qualitative, secondary analysis, and other.

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“As the research and analytics industry becomes more global in nature, it is critical that Canadian agencies are aware of trends both domestically and globally,” stated Barry Watson, Chair of CRIC. “Your participation ensures Canada is well represented and the results will help you monitor the impact of global trends.”

All individual responses will be kept confidential and will be used only to provide aggregate Canadian data to ESOMAR for inclusion in the ESOMAR GMR 2019 survey. 

About CRIC 

CRIC’s mandate is to develop and approve marketing research standards and supportive programs; provide effective promotion and advocacy for the market and insights research industry in Canada; serve as a source of information for the industry in this country; and be a forum for collective industry action.


ESOMAR is the global voice of the data analytics, research and insights community, speaking on behalf of over 6000 individual professionals and more than 600 companies who provide or commission data analytics and research in more than 130 countries, all of whom agree to uphold the ICC/ESOMAR International Code. Together with national and international research associations, ESOMAR promotes professional standards and self-regulation for the insights sector and encourages, advances and advocates for the role and value of data analytics, market and opinion research in illuminating real issues and bringing about effective decision-making. The ICC/ESOMAR Code and all ESOMAR guidelines are available on 

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