Enhanced Customer Experience Research

Date and Time: Tuesday, September 07, 12 PM EDT

Customer Experience is a discipline by itself and those with the supporting marketing research knowledge are better equipped to design the necessary frameworks for business or social success. Some companies have an internal CX function and framework, others outsource this function. Whether or not researchers believe in the case for rating scales or NPS ratings to their specific research problems, customer experience measurement is essential to understanding the factors and metrics that client success hinges on. Yet, in an increasingly tech-enabled industry to achieve impact at scale, how do we find balance between “volume” and “response” or what some software providers trumpet as proprietary automated systems versus the need to maintain disciplined research practice and “true-to-science” methodological rigour?

This webinar will bring in different leaders who will speak to their experience in the growing CX space and how it applies to research professionals and their clients.

Speakers: Isabelle Blanchet, Vice President, Customer Experience, Leger; Tanya Fowler, Head of Customer Experience, FCT; Andreas Noe, Founding Partner and Head of CX, Phase 5; Ray Kong, President, Client Services, Ipsos; Diana Lucaci, Founder and CEO, True Impact; Karen Gasper, Business Development Manager, Smartmail Marketing, Canada Post;  Ted Chen, Managing Director, Financial Services & Customer Experience, Maru/Matchbox; (Host and Moderator) Arundati Dandapani, CIO, CRIC and COO, CAIP. 

Topics covered during the webinar:

  • How to build customer experience frameworks and how to differentiate with CX?
  • Preparing a company for CX and operationalizing CX insights
  • Customer Journey Mapping as a unifier across silos
  • Useful tips and tools for engaging internal stakeholders, across many functions and lines of business, to work collaboratively to solve customer problems.
  • Do’s and don’ts for using technology and tools when in-person meetings are not possible.
  • Ways to make internal stakeholders and trainers confident about taking over the customer centricity baton when the consultants conclude their engagement.
  • How to match brands with CX strategies?
  • What do Designed CX experiences (DCXX) look like?
  • What are some new and emerging methods in understanding the changing consumer? Is tech-enablement improving the quality of CX experiences?
  • How to thrive in the attention economy. How to understand and predict human attention. Is concept optimization improving the quality of CX experiences?
  • How to build diversity and inclusion filters into the design and enhancement of better customer experiences.
  • What does the future of customer experience look like?
  • What new problems and metrics are gaining more priority and attention in the delivery of better customer experiences?
  • What is the place of emotion in CX and how can visual semiotics help?
  • What is the role of EX in delivering better CX?

Enhanced Customer Experience Research