The recent tragedies in the United States and Canada have again demonstrated the need to address the inequalities that persist in our society. As an industry focused on collecting and analyzing data, we know firsthand that more needs to be done to increase equity for all, including the Black community and Indigenous Peoples.

CRIC condemns racism and discrimination in any form and believes our industry has an important role to play in pushing for progress. We must support research that informs the public and key stakeholders on the need for change. We must also ensure that all research and analytics consider potential biases so that the insights we produce are fully reflective of society. We must be exemplars of best practices in promoting diversity and inclusion in our companies and workplaces.

CRIC is hosting the webinar, Confronting Exclusion and Racism in Canada’s Research & Insights Industry, on July 22nd from 12pm-1pm Eastern Daylight Time to highlight the need for change and to encourage the dialogue and action that is required to end racism and the systemic bias that Black people and other racialized groups experience in Canada. The webinar will feature Marva Wisdom, Director of Community Engagement and Outreach of the Environics Institute’s Black Experience Project, a groundbreaking research study that explored the “lived experience” of the Black community in the GTA. It will also include a panel of professionals from our industry: Lisa Wright, Laarni Paras, Raymond Armstrong and Donald Williams.

Register today for this webinar to:

  • gain insight into the overt and systemic racism facing the Black Community and other racialized groups in Canada
  • learn about the action that individuals and companies can take to do their part to confront racism and promote diversity and inclusion

CRIC sees this webinar as an important first step and we recognize that there is much more to do. We are developing additional ways to commit our industry to the action that is needed to enhance diversity and inclusion in our industry. If you would like to be involved and/or have ideas to share, please contact John Tabone, CRIC’s Chief Administrative Officer at [email protected]

Unable to attend live? Register now and you will be sent a link to the recording following the webinar.

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