CRIC Telephone Research Allow List

The Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) is pleased to announce that it is working with major Canadian Telecommuncation Servicer Providers (TSPs) to offer CRIC members the opportunity to participate in the CRIC Telephone Research Allow List service. The CRIC Telephone Research Allow List is an exclusive service for CRIC members that will help to ensure calls made for research purposes are not mistakenly blocked or mislabeled by Canadian Telecommunication Services Providers (TSPs). Outbound calling numbers provided by CRIC members will be provided to participating TSPs and be added to their internal allow lists. CRIC already has the commitment of Bell, which has implemented a call blocking technology, and Rogers, which has implemented a call labeling technology, to participate in this service. CRIC will continue to monitor for the introduction of call blocking/labeling initiatives by other Canadian TSPs.

Participating TSPs will ensure that numbers provided are not mislabelled and will monitor if their call blocking technologies identify any numbers for blocking. Should a TSP identify a concern with any numbers on the list, they will notify CRIC and CRIC will promptly reach out to the contact listed on this form to resolve the issue.

As a reminder, CRIC members are required to register all research with the CRIC Research Verification Service and must inform Canadians that the research is registered with CRIC.

CRIC members should upload their outbound calling numbers in a .csv format with the following two columns:

Column 1 – Priority – please enter a 1 in column 1 (highest priority) for up to five numbers and a 2 for all other numbers. The five numbers identified as 1 will be added to the “Allow Lists” first by the TSPs. We anticipate the others numbers will be processed shortly after that.

Column 2 – Outbound Calling Numbers – please provide 10 digit numbers with no dashes that your agency uses for making outbound calls.