CRIC Telephone Research Allow List

The Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) is working with Hiya to help ensure the outbound phone numbers of CRIC members are not mislabeled. Hiya has been adopted by Rogers and currently provides the labeling that will appear on calls to phones with call display on the Rogers and Fido networks. The Hiya also provides labelling on Samsung devices. To help ensure calls from CRIC members are not mislabelled, CRIC is asking CRIC members to upload their outbound numbers to the CRIC Telephone Research Allow List. CRIC will be registering these numbers with Hiya as a first step in helping them recognize these calls as being from CRIC members in good standing and being used for legimate research purposes.

As a reminder, CRIC members are required to register all research with the CRIC Research Verification Service and must inform Canadians that the research is registered with CRIC.

CRIC members should upload their outbound calling numbers in a .csv format with the following two columns:

Column 1 – Priority – please enter a 1 in column 1 (highest priority) for up to five numbers and a 2 for all other numbers. We will focus on the five identied as priority first before we focus on the others.

Column 2 – Outbound Calling Numbers – please provide 10 digit numbers with no dashes that your agency uses for making outbound calls.