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Featured ResTech Companies:

Advances in Research Technology (ResTech) are transforming how we gather and analyze data and report insights. The number of ResTech tools is increasing exponentially. To help clients and agencies stay up to date on the most important technology in our industry CRIC has invited leading ResTech companies to provide an overview of their latest innovations. Each participating company will give a brief update on why clients should be investing in their technology in 2023.

In addition to the overview, participants will have the opportunity to connect with vendors in their virtual booth to learn more about how these technologies can benefit how you gather and implement your insight into the marketplace.

This ResTech Showcase will feature:


Simplifying Sampling: Helpful How To’s on how to run a more efficient online market research study

In this session you’ll learn how to run online research projects quicker and more efficiently.

We’ll cover how to increase sample feasibility and quality while reducing overall sample spend. We’ll also talk about how you can streamline your project setup and how you can create efficiencies for setting up waves and tracking projects.


The Perfect Pair: How Automated Tools & API Sample Keep You Afloat in Difficult Times 

With 2023 just around the corner and myriad predictions for the difficulties it will bring, it has become essential to find a way to keep your research going while navigating changes in budget and time constraints. Combining the power of an automated quantitative research engine and robust API sample makes it easier to remain quick, cost-efficient, and agile. Join Schlesinger Group’s Executive Vice President of Global Quantitative Rob Berger, and Executive Vice President of Methodify Raj Manocha as they share:

– How Methodify enables quick-turn, adaptable research projects
– How to leverage the AskingCanadians API sample availability
– Why this duo of solutions is essential for success in 2023


Say Hi to Upsiide, The Innovation Insights Platform

Tired of trying to gauge an idea’s potential with a 5-point scale survey question? Struggling to assess if new messaging will be more effective than the handful that your senior stakeholders strongly prefer? Want a better way of determining which ads and packaging will breakthrough on shelves? We’ll show you (in 15 short minutes) how Upsiide, our innovation insights platform, is helping global brands like Coca-Cola, CVS Health, Meta, and Pizza Hut do iterative research across their innovation lifecycles.

In this quick tour of Upsiide, seasoned researcher and Upsiide President Ian Ash will explain how our platform approaches idea screening and optimization differently than anything else on the market.

You’ll walk away with an understanding of:

– How to screen ideas on Upsiide
– How to optimize those ideas with potential
– How to project volume, source of volume, and incrementality in minutes
– How Upsiide has become our clients’ competitive advantage when it comes to SaaS research


Quest Mindshare Demos IRT’s Dtect 

Greg will take you through the latest release in research technology, IRT’s Dtect.

Dtect is a field management and security application that manages your online traffic, vets traffic for quality and security and allows you, the user, full control over your online research experience with simple to use and incredibly powerful tools keeping you on top of your game. Dtect is also available on a mobile app, allowing your field management team to work anywhere, anytime. Dtect uses cutting edge technology to alert you to issues, before they are real problems and gives your team actionable items to work with.

Greg will show you how the system works and how it can be of benefit to you and your organization.



QuestionPro Research Suite, a short guide to the QuestionPro Platform

Introduction: Talk briefly about QuestionPro as a whole and its organizational make up. Introduce ourselves and talk about the roles at the company.

Overview of the Tools within: The Research suite offers several different services clients can use. We will briefly describe how those can go together hand in hand with Research in 2023. These include the Research, Communities, Audience, and some other services that we offer.

Case Study: Display a Case study QP clients have done to show how using the platform has helped them reach their research goals.

New Features in 2023: Discuss upcoming features that QuestionPro will integrate in 2023.



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