The Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) is pleased to announce the launch of the CRIC Research Verification Service. This new service is designed to help Canadians confirm the legitimacy of market research projects they are invited to participate in.

“All companies conducting market research in compliance with the CRIC standards are encouraged to register their projects,” said Barry Watson, Chair of CRIC.  “The CRIC Research Verification Service is an essential tool in helping the public gain confidence that a request to participate in market research is legitimate.”

The CRIC Research Verification Service is included as a member benefit and all CRIC member companies have already been added to the service so they can begin registering their research projects.  The service is also available for a fee to non-CRIC members companies that agree to follow the CRIC standards.

The CRIC Research Verification Service will also serve as a tool to allow the public to share their feedback.  Feedback can be provided directly to all companies, to help address public concerns and allow for continuous improvement in interactions with respondents.  The CRIC Research Verification Services can be accessed from the CRIC Website or by going to:

About CRIC: CRIC’s mandate is to develop and approve best practices and standards for market research, analytics and insights; provide effective promotion and advocacy of the industry; serve as a source of information and thought leadership; and be a forum for collective industry action.

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