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The Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) is pleased to announce the release of the Clients’ Guide to Data Quality in Online Research. This guide was designed to increase clients’ understanding of the online research process from sample selection to fieldwork and to help clients make decisions that improve data quality.

“Data quality is the foundation of all online research projects”, stated Greg Matheson, Chair of the CRIC Online Research Committee. “This new guide helps clients’ make choices that will lead to higher quality data in their research.”

One recommendation in the guide is to review the credentials and accreditations of the providers of online sample. Are they members of the industry associations in the markets they offer sample? Do they comply with global codes including ISO 20252:2019 (a requirement for all CRIC member agencies).

“Membership in industry associations demonstrates that online sample suppliers are committed to supporting and advancing the highest industry standards,” added Margaret Brigley, Vice-Chair of CRIC and Chair of the CRIC Standards Committee.

The Clients’ Guide will be featured in the session, Raising the Bar on Data Quality, led by Greg Matheson and Margaret Brigley at next week’s H* Factor Conference. Register today and be sure to attend this session at 1pm on June 5.

The Clients’ Guide to Data Quality in Online Research was prepared by the CRIC Online Research Committee and represents CRIC’s first contribution to the Global Data Quality initiative, a global alliance to champion data quality in market research. Additional resources to support data quality can be found on the GDQ website.

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