As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the Canadian research, analytics and insights has demonstrated its resilience by seamlessly adapting its work to a virtual environment. CRIC member companies have continued to provide the critical insights businesses and organizations need to understand the dramatic and immediate impact the crisis has had on the priorities, attitudes and behaviours of Canadians. As governments work to reopen Canada’s economy, CRIC has developed guidance to protect the safety of research participants and those working in our industry.

A key focus of this guidance is supporting the safe return to face-to-face research. Our industry has long used virtual and online methods to conduct research and has been able to quickly transition much of the research that was planned as face-to-face. Face-to-face will remain an essential part of our toolbox and some research can only be done or can much more effectively be done using face-to-face methodologies. Ensuring that no harm comes to research participants and research staff is a fundamental principle of our standards and, as part of our duty of care, we must ensure that we take all reasonable steps to ensure safe conditions when conducting face-to-face research post COVID-19. This guidance applies the official advice and requirements to our industry to help face-to-face research facilities, research agencies, and clients be aware of the best practices that should be followed to protect research participants, clients and agency staff upon the return to face-to-face research.

We encourage you to reach out with any questions you have on this guidance and to provide your suggestions on how CRIC can provide further support to our industry. Please contact CRIC’s Chief Administrative Officer, John Tabone at 647-740-9790 or [email protected].

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