The Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC), the Canadian industry association for the market research industry, is proud to announce the creation of its brand-new artificial intelligence (AI) task force, a committee to offer guidance on integrating AI into the market research industry’s daily operations while also adhering to the highest ethical standards concerning personal information and confidential data. Jean-Marc Léger, President and CEO of Leger, and Jason Zweig, Vice-President of Canada Viewpoint Inc., will serve as committee co-chairs.

The CRIC AI Committee will be established to explore, evaluate, and provide guidance on the ethical, methodological, and practical implications of AI within the research, insights, and analytics industry. The Committee aims to foster a collaborative environment that ensures the responsible and transparent use of AI technologies while upholding the highest standards and best practices in research. In alignment with the global initiatives, particularly ESOMAR’s AI Task Force, the committee will actively contribute to education, awareness, ethical guidelines, thought leadership, and collaboration in the realm of AI for market research.

The committee has been divided into three sub-committees, and the members and companies of each committee are as follows:

Education and Awareness Sub-Committee

  • Ferdinand Ephrem (trueIMPACT)
  • Kathy Cheng (Nexxt Intelligence)
  • Margaret Tso (Cadillac-Fairview
  • Steve Mast (SAGO)

Collaboration and Networking Sub-Committee

  • Brenden Sommerhalder (MQO Research)
  • Jessica Gibson (CRC Research)
  • Rupen Seoni (Environics Analytics)
  • Steve Male (The Logit Group, Inc.)
  • Susan Innes (Discover by Navigator)

Ethical Guidelines and Public Policy Advocacy Sub-Committee

  • Anastasia Arabia (Trend Research, Inc.)
  • Margaret Chapman (Narrative Research)
  • Michael Williams (Advanis)
  • Paul Acerbi (Ipsos)

Following the announcement of the committee, Jean-Marc Léger, committee co-chair, said: “The Canadian marketing research industry thrives on the solidarity among its members, who collaboratively tackle challenges. The integration of artificial intelligence into our business processes represents both a significant challenge and an unparalleled opportunity for our members and their clients. Through this committee, our primary aim is to set forth explicit rules and guidelines, exchange professional experience and insights, and guide the industry towards a responsible utilization of this powerful AI technology. The more robust our marketing research firms become, the more resilient and prosperous the industry will grow, and the more our clients will benefit.”

In support of the committee’s creation, Jason Zweig, committee co-chair, said: “The real power of our committee comes from the amazing people in it. We’re a group that’s passionate, knowledgeable, and really forward-thinking about AI in our industry. Everyone brings something special to the table, and there’s a genuine commitment to paving the way for a future where CRIC members’ responsible use of AI enhances our industry’s value to clients in ways we’re just beginning to imagine. It’s an honour to work alongside such distinguished professionals and I’m excited about what we’re going to achieve.”

CRIC embraces this opportunity to incorporate AI in market research and to affirm the Canadian industry’s place as a world leader in the field of AI.

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The Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) is Canada’s voice of the research, analytics, and insights profession both domestically and globally. CRIC represents the highest standards, ethics, and best practices; provides effective promotion and advocacy of the industry; serves as a source of information and thought leadership; and is a forum for collective industry action. CRIC’s members include Canada’s leading research agencies as well as client organizations, academic institutions, and other industry partners.

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