Canadian Survey Research Insights Council (CRIC) made several major announcements at its town hall meeting held April 3 in Toronto

TORONTO: Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) made several major announcements at its town hall meeting held April 3 in Toronto

Key Decisions Announced at April 3 Town Hall Meeting

1. Appointment of CRIC’s new Chief Administrative Officer
2. Adoption of CRIC’s Global Standards Plus Framework
3. New CRIC Accreditation Process to be Developed
4. New Associate Member Categories
5. New Analytics and Certification College for Individual Practitioners
6. New Registration System for Research Projects
7. Upcoming CRIC Board Elections
8. Various

New Chief Administrative Officer

John Tabone has accepted the position of Interim Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). John brings over 20 years of experience in research and association leadership, including his term as President of the Professional Marketing Research Society (PMRS), where he founded the CMRP certification program. View full release.

Adoption of CRIC’s Global Standards Plus Framework

The CRIC board unanimously agreed to adopt a Global Standards Plus framework that includes endorsing the ICC/ESOMAR International Code and Market Research ISO standards. In addition, CRIC will develop unique Canadian standards on issues related to privacy and reporting transparency. CRIC members must commit to meeting or exceeding these standards. This decision solidifies CRIC’s role as the standard-bearer for quality research and industry leading standards. These standards, which are largely completed, go far beyond what was previously in place for the Canadian industry, particularly with respect to transparency, and increased emphasis on new technologies and data sources.

New CRIC Accreditation Process

CRIC is working on a new member accreditation process that will align with the Market Research ISO and ICC/ESOMAR International Standards. The accreditation will serve as the definitive brand to set CRIC members apart from non-member companies, as the leaders in employing best research practices and adhering to the highest standards of professional conduct.

New Associate Member Categories

CRIC members currently represent most of the former Gold Seal members, and we will soon be growing our membership to engage the broader research community including client organizations, suppliers to the industry, media and academia, and not-for-profits. This will ensure CRIC is the collective voice of Canada’s research and insights profession.

New Analytics and Insight College to Offer Certification to Research and Insights Professionals

The CRIC board unanimously agreed to endorse and sponsor the establishment of a new analytics and insights certification college that will adopt holders of the former CMRP and establish a modernized, individual certification process. The initiative is being led by Robert Wong, RMCG Inc. and facilitator of the certification prep workshop, and supported by CRIC’s new Chief Administrative Officer, John Tabone, who founded the CMRP. Existing CMRPs and those interested in pursuing the designation are encouraged to subscribe to updates on the CRIC website.


Update on CRIC Strategic Partnership with ESOMAR

Reg Baker, ESOMAR’s North American Ambassador, encouraged individuals from the Canadian research and insights community to visit to learn more about the benefits of ESOMAR and to take advantage of the 30-day free trial available until April 30th. CRIC endorses ESOMAR as the best solution for individual practitioners. Employees of CRIC member companies get a special discount on an ESOMAR membership. Contact CRIC for details.


Update on the CRIC Registration System for Research Projects

CRIC announced that work has commenced on a new, modernized registration system for research projects that will be available within 2 months.


Election and Call for Volunteers

CRIC will be holding an election in June to fill three open positions on the CRIC board. A formal call for nominations will be issued shortly. CRIC is also seeking volunteers for working groups on standard setting, the CRIC registration system and membership. Interested individuals should contact CRIC’s CAO John Tabone.

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