The Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) in partnership with the Certified Analytics and Insights Professionals of Canada (CAIP Canada), ESOMAR, and the MRII/University of Georgia is searching for an exciting line-up of webinar presenters who will help to keep our industry at the forefront of pivotal shifts in how we gather, identify and communicate research, analytics and insights.

This series of webinars is targeted to managers and senior leaders on the client side and from agencies who are responsible for developing and adopting new approaches to identify and communicate insights. The webinars will be offered in conjunction with the expertise of CRIC’s Thought Leadership Councils and Committees.

CRIC welcomes submissions on any new approaches or topics that are shaping the future of the research, analytics and insights industry including the following topics:

  • The role of insights in knowledge management, data quality and data diversity
  • Innovative approaches to qualitative research
  • Using AI and machine learning to gather meaningful insights
  • Elevating the role of insights in client-side companies
  • The future of cross-platform audience measurement
  • Research on important social topics including diversity and inclusion, mental health and sustainability
  • Shopper insights innovations
  • Measuring and enhancing the customer experience (CX)
  • Unique considerations for public sector research
  • Research with children and youth (also other demographics)
  • Data storytelling and communications that give impact to insights
  • Researching the financial services customer
  • Applying behavioural science and behavioural economics to research methods
  • Identifying new markets and business opportunities

We are seeking impactful presentations that could range between 10 and 25 minutes in length and we encourage creative approaches that educate and entertain. All submissions will be subject to review by CRIC and its Thought Leadership Councils and/ Committees. Priority will be given to proposals from CRIC member companies and to submissions that feature a client presenting or co-presenting. Webinars will be offered at no charge and we will be seeking sponsorships for select webinars.

To be considered for a webinar, please provide the name, job title and company of the presenter(s), the title of the presentation, the length of the presentation (in minutes), and a session description (150-300 words) to [email protected].

About CRIC

The Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) is Canada’s voice of the research, analytics and insights profession both domestically and globally. CRIC represents the highest standards, ethics and best practices; provides effective promotion and advocacy of the industry; serves as a source of information and thought leadership; and is a forum for collective industry action. For more information, visit or contact John Tabone at [email protected] or Arundati Dandapani [email protected].

About CAIP Canada

The Certified Analytics and Insights Professionals of Canada is the professional body for Canada’s Certified Analytics and Insights Professionals (CAIPs). Its mission is to power the success of businesses and organizations by ensuring that CAIPs have the competencies needed to unlock the power of data while maintaining the highest ethical standards that protect the public trust. CAIP Canada is supported and endorsed by the Canadian Research Insights Councils and the CAIP is globally endorsed by ESOMAR. For more information, visit or contact Robert Wong at [email protected] or Arundati Dandapani at [email protected].

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