Guidance for Conducting Research during COVID-19

As concerns about COVID-19 and the measures to reduce its spread have dramatically impacted the behaviours and attitudes of Canadians, the need for insights to support decisions has never been greater. CRIC Agency members are operational and playing a critical role in helping public and private sector clients navigate through these challenging times. Our members are well positioned to adapt research to deliver the essential insights that ensure business and government make the best decisions in the current environment and are well prepared when this crisis is over. CRIC has prepared this guidance to help you conduct research during these challenging times.

1. Research is essential to monitor customer feedback on your company’s COVID-19 response

Companies are quickly adapting their offerings to support measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Getting things right during these challenging times can have a significant impact on the reputation of a company and its brands. Continuing tracking studies and research to monitoring feedback will help companies make changes quickly to ensure they continue to meet customers expectations.

2. Avoid face-to-face research

Face-to-face research should be avoided while social distancing measures are in place. Advances in research technology mean that much of this research can be transitioned to an online format.

3. Consider the social acceptability of the research

All research should consider the impact that COVID-19 and the measures to control it have had on the health, mindset and finances of Canadians. The impact should be considered when designing the research and any questions Canadians will be asked.

4. Reassess safety impacts

It is essential that the research consider measures being introduced to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and that it does not encourage Canadians to do anything that might put them or others at risk.

5. Consider secondary sources of data for questions that can’t be asked in the current environment

The growth of big data and advancements in AI have greatly increased our capabilities to gain insights from secondary sources of data. Analyzing changes in customer databases, web analytics, and social media analytics can be especially valuable for gathering insights.

6. Use AB Testing

Social distancing measures and mandated closures of business in certain provinces are going to mean greater interaction online. The use of AB Testing is a fast and effective way to test out potential modifications to website pages or digital communications in response to COVID-19.

For additional guidance on conducting research during the COVID-19 outbreak, we encourage you to contact a CRIC Agency Member. View the CRIC Member Directory.

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