June 5-6, 2023 – Marriott Toronto Eaton Centre

The Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) in partnership with ESOMAR and CAIP Canada is bringing the insights community together in Toronto from June 5-6, 2023 and we need your help. We are seeking presentation proposals that showcase the innovation and best practices that have propelled insights to the forefront and helped guide businesses and organizations through a period of unprecedented change. The presentations should offer managers and senior leaders from the client side and from agencies actionable ideas that will expand how they gather and communicate insights.

We have included some topics below that we intend to address and we also welcome proposals that highlight innovations in our industry in other areas.

  • Data Quality – What are the challenges and how are we managing them to ensure the highest quality data?
  • Innovations in Qualitative – How can we use qualitative research to go beyond the data and get to the “Why”?
  • AI & Insights – ChatGPT, conversational AI, machine learning – How will AI shape the future of Insights?
  • Behavioural Insights – How do we ensure insights go beyond the rational to predict behaviour?
  • Metaverse/Web3 – What does the next generation Internet look like and what does it mean for Insights and Businesses?
  • UX and CX – How do insights enhance the user experience and amplify the voice of the customer?
  • ResTech – What are the breakthroughs in technology platforms that every insights professional should be aware of?
  • ROI (Return on Insights) – What are the best practices for demonstrating the value of investing in insights.

Presentations from client-side researchers and joint client/agency submissions are highly encouraged.

To be considered, please submit the following to [email protected] by February 27, 2023 (extended to March 15) at 5pm EST

Proposed Session Title

Session description – 150-300 words that describes your session. This will be included in the conference program so it should clearly describe your session and attract interest from attendees.

Why should this presentation be included? – We are anticipating receiving many more presentations than we can fit into this two-day summit. Please provide additional information on why it is essential that your presentation should be included.

Your Bio and Photo – Approximately 100 words that includes your name, title and organization’s name.

Presentations should be around 30 minutes in length. We encourage creative approaches that educate and entertain. All submissions will be subject to review by a committee of industry experts. Preference will be given to presentations that contribute to innovation, are supported by examples/case studies, include an end client as a presenter/co-presenter, and provide actions that attendees can take.

About CRIC

The Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) is Canada’s voice of the research, analytics, and insights profession both domestically and globally. CRIC represents the highest standards, ethics, and best practices; provides effective promotion and advocacy of the industry; serves as a source of information and thought leadership; and is a forum for collective industry action. CRIC’s members include Canada’s leading research agencies as well as client organizations, academic institutions, and other industry partners.

For more information, visit www.canadianresearchinsightscouncil.ca or contact John Tabone, Chief Executive Officer, at [email protected].

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