CRIC AI and Data Analytics Thought Leadership Council Virtual Panel

AI and Data Analytics during the Pandemic

June 5, 12:00pm-1:00pm (Eastern Daylight Time)

Join members of CRIC’s AI and Data Analytics Thought Leadership Council for an interactive, virtual panel that will explore how the use of AI and Data Analytics are adapting to the impact of COVID-19. Members of the Council will answer the following questions as well as additional questions from participants to help Canadian research, analytics and insight professionals succeed in the current environment and be ready for the new normal.

  • How are AI and data analytics being used to flatten the COVID-19 curve? How do plans to use contact tracking impact privacy concerns around the use of data? How are those concerns being addressed/managed?
  • What impact has the pandemic had on investments in AI and analytics within companies? Why is it important to continue to invest in AI and data analytics?
  • How do the radical shifts in consumer behaviour impact the use of analytics? Can AI help with that?
  • How can AI and data analytics be used to prepare us for the new normal?
  • Has the increased use of social media platforms increased the value that can be extracted from those platforms? What are the opportunities?
  • How does working from home impact the ability to share analytics across an organization?
  • How is security and privacy being addressed?
  • What are the priorities for individuals looking to develop their skills in AI and data analytics?
CRIC’s AI and Data Analytics Thought Leadership Council

Briana Brownell, Pure Strategy
Cody Dodds, PigeonLine
Johan Landmark, Daisy Intelligence
Kyle Liao, Cadillac Fairview
Shaun McDonough, Markham Public Library
Simon McDougall, Synopsis
Sean O’Brien, Coldstart AI
Michele Sexsmith, Environics Analytics

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