The Future of Insights Summit From CRIC in collaboration with ESOMAR and CAIP Canada will offer insights professionals the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and innovations impacting our industry.

We intend to address and highlight innovations in our industry with topics such as:

  • Data Quality – What are the challenges and how are we managing them to ensure the highest quality data?
  • Innovations in Qualitative – How can we use qualitative research to go beyond the data and get to the “Why”?
  • AI & Insights – ChatGPT, conversational AI, machine learning – How will AI shape the future of Insights?
  • Behavioural Insights – How do we ensure insights go beyond the rational to predict behaviour?
  • Metaverse/Web3 – What does the next generation Internet look like and what does it mean for Insights and Businesses?
  • UX and CX – How do insights enhance the user experience and amplify the voice of the customer?
  • ResTech – What are the breakthroughs in technology platforms that every insights professional should be aware of?
  • ROI (Return on Insights) – What are the best practices for demonstrating the value of investing in insights.

Venue/Hotel Information

The Future of Insights Summit from CRIC in collaboration with ESOMAR and CAIP Canada will take place in the Marriott Toronto Eaton Centre Hotel located at  525 Bay St. Toronto, ON M5G 2L2