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CRIC and MRIA are pleased to announce the reunification of the Canadian market research industry

The Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) and the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) are pleased to announce that they have come to a mutual agreement that will see the winding down of the MRIA and the transfer of assets to CRIC. CRIC will welcome MRIA corporate members as CRIC members and support the transition of individual MRIA members to join ESOMAR and CMRPs to join CAIP Canada. MRIA will proceed to dissolve the MRIA as an association.

“This agreement creates one authoritative voice in Canada of the research, insights, and analytics industry,” stated CRIC Chair, Nik Nanos. “I wish to thank Jean-Marc Léger for his efforts in leading the negotiation on behalf of CRIC.”

“The MRIA Board and membership both voted unanimously to join forces with CRIC, we are thrilled with that decision” stated MRIA Chair, Quito Maggi, “and to work towards the betterment of the industry.”

“This is an important moment for the industry to regroup all the major Canadian research, insights and analytics companies and work together to implement high standards and ethics and best practices across Canada” added Jean-Marc Léger, Director of CRIC.

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The Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) is Canada’s voice of the research, analytics, and insights profession both domestically and globally. CRIC represents the highest standards, ethics, and best practices; provides effective promotion and advocacy of the industry; serves as a source of information and thought leadership; and is a forum for collective industry action. CRIC’s members include Canada’s leading research agencies as well as client organizations, academic institutions, and other industry partners.

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