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AGM Registration 2022 Accredited Agency

Annual General Meeting Registration for designated representative of Accredited Member of the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC)

  • The CRIC AGM will be held at the Ipsos Canada office at 160 Bloor Street East, Suite 300, Toronto, Ontario from 4pm-5pm local time on Thursday, June 23 with refreshments to follow.


    1. Welcome and introduction
    2. Review of 2021 and priorities for 2022
    3. Governance update
    4. Presentation of financial statements for Year ended December 31, 2021
    5. Appointment of public accountant
    6. Other Business
  • As my proxy holder with full power of substitution, to attend and act on my behalf at the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Research Insights Council to be held on June 23, 2022 at 4pm and at any adjournments thereof to the same extent and with the same power as if the undersigned were personally present at the said meeting or any adjournment thereof.

    My proxy holder shall have authority to vote and act in his/her discretion with respect to amendments or variations to matters referred to in the Notice of Meeting and with respect to other matters which may properly come before the meeting.

    This proxy appointment is valid only when signed by the designated representative of the Accredited Member in good standing. The person named to vote in this proxy must attend the meeting. Only this authorized form of proxy is valid and any alterations to it shall render the proxy invalid and it shall not be counted. Proxies must be received prior to 12pm, EST on June 23, 2022 to be valid.

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